My New York big apple five years later

My New York big apple five years later

My New York big apple five years later fertilizers  for thought  
 one photo, one day * one day, one photo

26° sky line “dream”
foto by tullio valerio mazza

25° hard rock cafè  “guitars”


24°    Gabbiano in volo planato

23°  “flag of immigration memory “

22°  TITANIC memory                             15.04.1921

21°  ” patio “

20° ” perfect parking”

19°  TIMES !!! SQUARE…

18° Greeley Square Park

 tullio valerio mazza
17° fountain

16°           ” THE TIME IS NOW “

15° Napoleone


  14° to nose up

 fertilizers for mind
13°  “Ground Zero ”  ” Flag of honor “

 quiet !!!

standing and in silence respect !!!
12° “instants”
tullio valerio mazza

11° ” imperious ”  vanity star

Scrivo ripetutamente provocanti “cose ignoranti”
così gli intelligenti possono tacere avendone un alibi…

10° Angels in Central Park

9°    Manhattan !!!

8° “Honor, Respect”    Flag

7° ” Red,  Ferrari pole position “


6° ” play, players & check room open “

5° ” dream “
 Miss Liberty Freedom

fertilizers for mind
one picture a day   

3° Friends     N.Y. Central Park

Esiste solo una medicina che guarisce chi sia accecato dall’odio, si chiama VERITA’, un poco amara a volte, ma tant’è !!!

2° Training relaxing stage

N.Y.  Central Park by

There is only a medicine that heals those who are blinded by hatred, it is called TRUTH, a little bitter sometimes, but so be it!
I repeatedly write “ignorant things”
so the clever can keep silent by having an alibi …
to remember that our wonderful holiday  

1°  Central Park  “feeling”   by